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Our FTB Beyond server is now open! You can join using the server address beyond.kookykraftmc.net and the latest version from curse.

Tickets are now available in-game on 1.10 servers. Use /createticket to make a ticket and a staff member will help you as soon as they can!
The top voters of February 2017 are

1 ) _Oreo12 _with 1079 votes - UKat rank.
2 ) PandaLoveBear with 746 votes - 80k Claim Blocks.
3 ) killermimmic101 - $5 Million In-Game dollars.

Congrats and thanks to everyone who voted and supported us through February :)!
Today marks KookyKraftMC's 2nd year of being created. Thank you to all who have supported us, and kept us going.
We are having our birthday sale in the shop right now, shop.kookykraftmc.com, and are working on events that will be held later in the week.
As you may know, a severe vulnerability was recently found in Cloudflare, a service used by thousands of websites including Reddit, 4chan, and the Leage of Legends official site. This vulnerability caused random pieces of private information to be sent to any computer that was requesting pages from cloudflare. This could include anything from private messages to passwords, so it is recommended that you change every password on the affected websites (and on any other websites where you use the same password). That includes this website. Luckily the vulnerability has already been fully addressed and fixed, but some data has already been leaked.

This was an error in the cloudflare service itself, and none of the affected websites are responsible. It is unlikely that you will have been personally affected, but it is impossible to know how much (if any) data was stolen due to this exploit, and as such you are recommended to change passwords.

This page explains the issue in more detail, and gives a complete list of affected websites: https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare

Curse was also affected by this, so anyone who uses the curse launcher should change their curse account password.

Join our hypothermia server today at hypo.kookykraftmc.net! Hypothermia is available on the curse voice launcher.
The top voters of January 2017 are

1 ) Lunatic656 with 1079 votes - UKat rank.
2 ) killermimmic101 with 746 votes - 80k Claim Blocks.
3 ) THEONLYONELEFT- $5 Million In-Game dollars.

Congrats and thanks to everyone who voted and supported us through January :)!
We've just released a new Extra(formerly known as Perks) for our 1.10 server called Trails. This extra will allow you to pick a particle(/partikle) and once you've done that a trail of those particles will follow you around where ever you go!

Now for the new server,
We've just released a new 1.10.2 server using the modpack Mech & Magic on ATL. We recommend using all optionals besides Rougelike dungeons. Join using the server address mm.kookykraftmc.net

We have several plans for more modpacks coming soon™.

Our Golden Cobblestone server has been reset, if you lost a donation item, please make a donation ticket.

Cya around KookyKrafters!

Our Flat Factory server is now open! You join by downloading it from ATL and joining ff.kookykraftmc.net!
We've just opened another Sky Factory 3 server that you can join using version 3.0.6 at sf3b.kookykraftmc.net
The winners of the 2016 holiday build event are:
1. Digedoe
2. MayCrissColfer
3. Revers29

Prizes will be awarded soon. We would like to thank everyone who participated, there may be another build competition coming soon.

We've extending the double voting rewards until this Sunday, so if you need some extra claim blocks or cash, now is the time to vote.

We should have our /market plugin and an economy coming to 1.10 server soon, stay tuned.