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Our FTB Infinity lite 1.10.2 server is now live! It is on the Curse, FTB, and KKMC Launcher. You can join using the server address inflite.kookykraftmc.net! If you have any problems, please report it to us on discord or on the forums.

Hope to see you there KookyKrafters!
Congrats to these top 3 voters!
1. wesleypestly - UKat
2. Lightgazer2 - 80k ClaimBlocks
3. Under_T4ker_79 - $5 Million in-game dollars

Also, congrats to the runners up: BriarRose00, aksolanteri12, Piemantr, Shywynd, Lunatic656, jbillyman, and Freeflyfool!
Thanks everyone for voting and keeping us one of the most popular server networks!

Next month will be the same prizes, so keep voting KookyKrafters!
CC1, CC2, and SF25 have been reset. Everything besides your claim blocks, playtime, and vote count has been reset.

If you have lost any donation items due to the reset(Chunk Loaders, ender quarry, etc), please make a donation support ticket here: http://kkmc.info/2du3U2l

Cya around KookyKrafters!
[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
We've just launched our second 1.10.2 server! Abridged!
Abridged is a much more lightweight pack than All The Mods, so most people can run it and experience the new mods in 1.10.2! Pack info: [Link]
You can connect to our Abridged server using ab.kookykraftmc.net!

We are unsure if we will be keeping All The Mods running, as some of you know it's quite buggy and system intensive, so we make trade it out for something a bit more stable.
Update: We've decided to close ATM in favor of some other modpacks.

Also, we've just opened a Garry's Mod Enhanced Prop Hunt server, which you can join using gmod.kookykraftmc.com(not .net)! More Info on the server and it's features here: [Link]

Another new server? Yep. Join our FTB HermitPack server at hermit.kookykraftmc.net with version 1.0.1.
More info about the pack: [Link]

Please note, all of our 1.10.2 server are in beta and are most likely to have bugs and bits of lag. Please report any problems you find with the server to us so we can fix it!

Cya there kookykrafters!​
Don't like being in the dark?
Scroll to the bottom and find the button that looks this, [​IMG]
Click the button and you will be able to switch between the Dark theme(default) and our new Light theme:

Hope you guys enjoy! If you find any problems with the theme, please report them to us so we can fix it!
Free Ranks Changes
We've just done an overhaul on our rank up system.
/ar check is now your time on the server you're currently on.
To check your global time on the KookyKraftMC Network, do /ar gcheck.
To check your time played today, this week, this month, and in total do /ar times.
To rankup you will have to have the following requirements met:
Guest -> Member:
- 6 hours of playtime.
- Vote 3 times.
Member -> Fan:
- 12 hours of playtime.
- Vote 9 times.
Fan -> Cat:
- 18 hours of playtime.
- Vote 27 times.

If you have any trouble with ranking up, please let us know.

Global Rank Sync
As some of you may know, some ranks don't transfer to others on our network. To resolve this, we'll be switching some stuff around and you'll probably lose your rank.
If you've lost your donor rank during this process, make a support ticket here so we can return your donor rank back to you.
The schedule:



Any servers not listed here are not affected as they are already part of the new system of synced permissions.

1.7.10 -> 1.10.2 Donor Ranks
We've heard ya, if you want to convert your 1.7.10 rank to our 1.10.2 servers, click this.
You will not lose your rank on either side by converting it.
Congrats to these top 3 voters!
1. 2013_emi - 559 - UKat
2. Hammertroll - 370 - 80k ClaimBlocks
3. wesleypestly - 267 - $5 Million in-game dollars
and thanks to all who voted this month.

Next month will be the same prizes, so keep voting KookyKrafters!
KookyKraftMC All The Mods 1.10.2!

Our first 1.10.2 server is now open!
More info about the pack and the server here: [Here]
Welcome to our new website!
We've decided to change up our website. Our old website was hosted by Enjin, where we limited to what we could change and do. With this website, we can change just about everything. Please note, with this new website, your accounts will not transfer. The only forum posts that have transferred to this site are the ones about server info. We hope you enjoy our new website!