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keeps crashing

Discussion in 'KookyKraftMC Unabridged' started by ProMert04, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. my game crashes when I open the server (not the game I can play singleplayer) ok now this happened

    a while I was trying to harvest my cactuses I died because of the cactus damage and then it teleported me to the spawn area always but now it keeps crashing I don't know why but it crashes every time. can anyone teleport my player to another area so maybe it doesn't crash when I log in

    Please :(((
  2. is anyone there?
  3. Hi there ProMert04!

    Please provide us with a crash report. You can find it in the ATLauncher by clicking on the "Open Folder" button in the instances tab:

    And then navigating to the crash-reports folder.
    Please paste the insides of the crash report to https://pastebin.com/ And provide us with the link you get either here or in the KKMC's discord channel.
  4. thank you very much and i will do so !
  5. this is the link but i just think that as i said before you could just teleport my player (when i log in) to another place like /rtp

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